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Our Pledge

to Property Owners

1. If we are stopped anywhere on the property while in tow by the verified owner of the vehicle or operator with keys in hand at the scene, the vehicle will be released.

2. All tows will be recorded from the time the driver attempts to reverse up to the vehicle and hook up to the time he is of the property.

3. Pictures of vehicles in violation with proper signage either clearly visible at the location of the vehicle found in violation or pictures of tow-away signs at every entrance to your property that the operator of the violating vehicle drove past providing legal notification the property is a tow-away zone.

4. Guaranteed hassle-free request no charge release of a vehicle by authorized callers listed on contract sometimes mistakes happen or unfortunate situations arise. If you haven't experienced a towing contractor charging the property for a tow that was mistakenly requested, they are out there!

5. If you choose the option for us to make random patrols and there is a vehicle in question or does not look right where it is parked and not specified in the contract | can assure you we will notify you and wait for a response and not take a chance on towing it just because it didn't look right:  a) Overcharging has been a big problem in the industry from mileage to the use of dollies | assure you we use google maps to calculate the mileage from your property to our storage lot If dollies are used there will be a picture of the vehicle on dollies b) We have seen many deceiving permit/sticker decals placements in our time and assure you we have developed a trained eye for these situations. Some hidden in the tint, some faded, some permits slightly hidden behind windshield shades, some tucked into the dash where it's covering a manager's signature or exp. date, even permits that fell off of the rearview mirror or even forgotten to be placed but visible in the center console or upside down on the dashboard or floorboard. I'm sure many have had to deal with these types of scenarios. | assure you none of these situations will determine our judgment as a violating vehicle to be towed unless specifically directed by the management/authorized agent listed in the contract. Time is recorded of every patrol made to the property

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